Thursday, November 29, 2012

One for the Road - the Next Big Thing

Tag.  I'm it.  

I've been tagged by Katalina Leon in her blog Seven Sexy Scribes. Be sure to go and read about her upcoming book, Lord Griffin's Prize

My next book coming soon from Ellora’s Cave (and I just can’t wait to see the cover art) will be One for the Road.

Two strangers, Lindsay and Cade, unexpectedly find themselves travelling together along the Trans-Canada Highway, north of Lake Huron. With nowhere to be for the next three days, they engage in a no-strings-attached, no-holds-barred relationship. Until it’s time to go their separate ways.

Where did the story come from? Some years ago I wrote a searing sex scene involving a secondary character from another book (Dancing with a Stranger) that I thought might turn into a book of her own someday. 
  • Let’s say she’s asleep in a camper, and when she wakes up she finds herself a long long way from home, alone in the wilds with a very attractive stranger.
  • And, oh what the heck, let’s say neither of them has had sex in over a year. 
So I wrote the scene, seething with thoughts of “Oh my god, he’s a perfect stranger, and I’m letting him do whatever he wants to me—I mean, her.”

And then, it just got filed away under Great Sexy Premises That Might Turn into a Story Someday.

That Someday finally came when I sold my first contemporary erotic romance, Informed Consent, to Ellora’s Cave.

I dipped into the files and found my two adventurous lovers ready to become Lindsay Thomas and Cade McKenna.  And my sexy premise became One for the Road.

I love that title.  My new editor, Whitney Mihalik, came up with it.

What’s so special about One for the Road?

Road fantasies. Travelling with a stranger.  Trees and rocks and lakes.  Sex with a stranger.  The call of the loon. Alone in the wilderness with a stranger. A man to do the cooking over an open campfire.

It really is a fantasy.  Because in this story, there are no black flies in May in north Ontario.

And now I'm tagging fellow EC writer, Lena Loneson. 


  1. Thanks for tagging me, Susanna! I am so looking forward to On the Road. As a fellow Canadian who loooves the outdoors (my first Ellora's Cave sale was set in Algonquin Park!) that sounds like a seriously sexy tale. No black flies = my kinda fantasy.

  2. Yeah, I head for Algonquin only after the mosquitoes have left for the season, late August or September.