Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lovers and Strangers

In writing erotic romance for Ellora's Cave, there are two concepts that turn my writing crank:

Long Lost Lovers. Especially long lost lovers who never quite got it together the first time.  Who never quite admitted how weak at the knees and hot under the skin they got around each other.  Because it would have been a Bad Idea back then.

And now...  now it's going to happen.  Even though now it's a really Bad Idea.

Sex with Strangers. Especially strangers with an agenda.  Especially when sex with this stranger has all the earmarks of a really, really Bad Idea.

(Oh yeah, as if sex with a stranger would -- in real life -- be anything BUT a terrible idea.  But this is real life between the epages of an ebook, where anything goes, and the safety factor is built in.  Guaranteed.  But it's still a Bad Idea.)

So yes, I like to put my woman in edgy situations.

My first release, Informed Consent, is a Long Lost Almost Lovers book.  Tara and Joe have history -- almost. But it ended suddenly and painfully.  And now, six years later...
With equal parts determination and trepidation—and a low heat forming in her gut—Tara Calloway risks more than her heart to carry a vital message to her long-ago would-be lover, both hopeful and fearful of the reception that awaits her.
Can she keep it strictly business between them, for everyone's sake, or will Joe Corbett seize this chance to carry out the graphic agenda of explicitly sexual threats—promises?—depicted in the letter he wrote her six years ago in a paroxysm of heat and anger and bruised pride?
And will she let him?
Well, of course she'll let him.

Karen from BDSM Book Reviews gave Informed Consent 4.5 Paddles out of 5.   "This short story packs a lot of detail and a lot of emotion in just 80 pages....  This is definitely an author to watch."

Which brings us back to love from strangers. A stranger wrote that review. Someone I've never met. That's exciting.   And even more exciting, something a first-time-published author realises as those royalty cheques begin to show up in the mailbox....

Strangers -- perfect strangers -- are buying my book.

How sexy is that?


My fellow Ellora's Cave writer Rea Thomas has generously featured me as a guest today on her blog,  Check out her sizzling new book, Pleasure Express, just released by EC for Men.

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