Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing Susanna

My name is Susanna and I write old-fashioned erotic romance.

It was like this. One morning I sat down with my coffee and found among my emails one from April, at Ellora's Cave. She just oh-so-casually said, "Is that book you sent us still available?"

After finally deciding she wasn't asking out of idle curiosity, I forced myself to wait an hour (playing hard-to-get) and replied, "Why yes, I believe it is." 

Wow. Within twenty minutes I was on my way to being a published Ellora's Cave author.  Just like that.

Okay, not just like that.  As all writers know, there are years and years of slogging leading up to that moment.

So now I have one e-book out, Informed Consent, another just sold, One for the Road, and a third, TimeLost Lover, in the works as part of an upcoming series in concert with a bevy of like-minded writers.

More about these future fantasies soon....

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